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Startup / Blogs - 1 year ago

How some people walk into to Basecamp

Totally different companies, comparable paths. From scattered to orderly, from cobbling it collectively, to in search of out a system designed to work.Most corporations begin small. An individual or two, perhaps three.They should work collectively on...

Startup / Blogs - 1 year ago

How a Basecamp feature was born

Individuals couldn’t re-invite a teammate to BasecampEach day individuals write into Basecamp help asking if/how they will re-invite a teammate to their Basecamp three account. Typically the individual merely missed their invite e mail among the many...

PM / PM Blogs - 1 year ago

What is a Workflow? A Simple Guide to Getting Started

In the event you take a look at the Wikipedia definition of a workflow, you’re in all probability going to get confused as I did: “A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable sample of enterprise exercise enabled by the system...